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About Smart Bench

Smart solar bench – enjoy in modern innovative urban furniture

Our solar bench is a great addition to urban furniture, is not only a bench. This is a smart solar bench which offers the people to charge their mobile devices. Anyone can use 4 G internet and simultaneous

charge their mobile phones, laptops, tablets free of charge.


The social aspect of solar benches

Solar bench uses solar energy, green energy which don t pollute our environment, reduce emissions of CO2. The energy gets stored into the feel batteries and is available to you 24 hours daily.

Wireless charger and USB ports offer you a commodity, you seat comfortable, charger your mobile devices and at the same time you can join with other people.


Our smart solar bench meets your demands and needs

The design of our smart solar bench is modern and is suitable for the modern environment and also for old city centers. The standard color for the frame is grey, you can choose also other colors regarding RAL, wooden slats are made from Larix and oiled, other wood arts are also possible.

The bench is wheater and vandalism proof and has to be checked only once a year.

For all information please contact us.


Put our smart solar bench to your urban furniture

With your choice for our smart solar bench, the people will receive additional information about

innovations in green energy. For the future of our planet is important is green energy and also the small

step is important. Modern society has to understand that each person is responsible for climate


Don t miss the opportunity to know more about our smart solar bench. Feel free to contact us on our

email address:

telephone: 069 619 692

We will answer you with great pleasure.


Places suitable for use our solar bench

  • Squiers and City Centres

  • Parks and playgrounds

  • Bus and train stations

  • Schools and universities

  • Bicycle and walking routes

  • Ski resorts, mountain huts

  • Every place where people gather



  • Charge mobile devices

  • Solar powered

  • WI-FI Hotspot

  • Weather and vandal proof

  • Detached, possible to fix on the floor with screws

  • Available in all RAL COLOURS

  • The frame is zinked and paint



Our Solar bench is powered by a solar panel. In the states where are numbers of sun hours very low/SCANDINAVIA, ISLAND/, we recommend putting the bench near street lights. The batteries

of the bench will be additionally charged and will be always enough full.


Wireless internet 4G Router

Enjoy in simultaneous charging of your mobile devices, you put the mobile phone which has QI Technology simple on the wireless charger on the top of the bench.

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